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Took my younger brother in law fishing yesterday. Hes 15 and hasnt ever done much fishing.We started out fishing for bowfin. Within 5 minutes we had a big one hooked up. Mike got him all the way to the bank and he threw the hook.
After a couple more hours with no luck we decided to walk down the river a little ways.
We had a few strikes, but no takers.
An older man and his grandson came walking out of the swamp with two 5 gallon buckets full of bream. He told us where to go.
So we switched to some lighter gear and headed that way.
We had 20-40 minutes of good light left when we found the spot.
After a minute or two we started catching some of the biggest bluegill I've ever seen. It was fast and furious until we ran out of worms.
We ended up with 15 bluegill in the 1#range, one Shellcracker, 1 jack,1 bowfin, and 1 redfin pike before dark.
I had a ball and to make it better, Michael asked if we could do it again today! :)
Glad to get him off the couch and make some memories!
Doesn't get any fish pics it was late when we got back home.


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