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Looking for the fish laying on the bottom....duh.

I am just playing.

I highly recommend checking the area out in the daylight. If it looks fishy plan on gigging it. I like undercut banks and eddys near points.

Depth, from just enough water to cover their back to as deep as you can see. Many of the biggest flounder I have gigged have been in ~3' of water.

Structure is good to work as well, be on the look out for sheepshead too!

Main thing is be respectful at night on the water to other giggers, clammers, and other night dwellers. Basically don't buzz by with a huge wake, ever.

Recognize that tide and wind makes certain areas better than others at any given time.

And for me the most important thing to consider is making sure it is a legal fish. Greater than 15 inches.

And lastly don't poke and stab everything you see, especially redfish.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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