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Headed out this morning to get some fresh bream for supper. It had been a few years since I've been to this pond and had to refresh my mind on a few of the finer points. As I eased around the pond fishing lots of tid bits of past info came to me. Ah ha, I remember where the gills use to hang out and eased in that area.

I took the fly rod with a small spider bug on it and caught a few gills and a few hit at it. Not exactly what I wanted to happen, wasn't enough action. I figured the wind was a little to rough for topwater so went to a small black/orange sinking bug I had just tied. That was the ticket, cast after cast a fish was hammering on that thing. It was a blast for sure on a 5 weight.

First one on the fly for the morning. The fly was made by putting 2 rubber orange biots on the rear, a strip of foam palmered around the hook and some orange deer hair at the head. This is a slow sinking fly and they wore it out.

I kept enough for supper and released the rest for another day.

A few of them were 10 inches or so, not monsters but good eating size and fly rod size.:cool: How did that shellcracker get in there....:)

Cleaned and ready to released in the "Crisco Pond" and out with a golden brown tan.

I would show you a big pile of bones but don't want to hurt yall's belly. Sitting here thinking about hitting them hard again tomorrow morning. Guess I best get to tying up some more of those small flies.

Be safe out there and good luck.

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Nice haul!! Good food cheap!!
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