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My girlfriend has finally put down the sissy baits and been tossing the swimbaits with me. She is still sticking to the smaller 7"-9" baits but quickly getting better at casting them (most of the stuff she is throwing is 3-5 oz.)

Well we went out yesterday and after her previous efforts without even any followers she wasn't exactly exuding confidence, thats okay though she never expects to catch anything and just goes for fun and sometimes swimming. :rolleyes:

I found a new spot I wanted to hit on google earth when the water was low. We hit this spot first thing, and after 10-15 mins with 2-3 baits and no follows I wasn't hopeful for it and turned and started working the point adjecent to our spot, and she started casting over the spot. On maybe her second cast halfway in there it is, there are two black shadows under her bait, and closing in fast. She is getting really excited at this point yelling, then one hits it. Now here is where I got worried about heartbreak because she has a tendency to not set the hook and just start cranking, and that just won't work on big heavy wire hooks, but she does set the hook and the fish is on and I notice as it turns its brown! At some point in all this I tossed my rod down and grabbed the net, she handled the fish like a champ cranking it in no problem, to much in fact as she continued to reel even after I netted her cranking the bait all the way up to the top eyelet in excitement.:D
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