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Hey guys,

The site looks great and I look to be a part of it, hope to contribute. I primarily bass fish but only in rivers and streams. Born in No VA, grew up fishing for sallies (Potomac, Shenandoah), spent 12 years in Georgia (fell in love with Shoal bass), 4 years in the FL panhandle (caught big bass), now in RDU.

I was one of the original guys on, spent time on and occasionally on the NC board for All sites similar to this but hanging on by a thread.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys. If you are ever interested in fishing moving water for bass, let me know.

Tight Lines,
The General

Red X Angler
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Welcome aboard, you found a great and knowledgeable community here.

I'm curious; you said you caught big bass on the the FLA panhandle... my wife is from Pensacola and we go there a few times a year to visit and I almost always take my boat with us. Where did you do your bass fishing on the panhandle? I know nothing about the bass fishing in that area, other than that there is bass fishing to be had. Any insights would be great!

If you are ever in the High Point / Randleman area fire me a PM, I do a fair amount of bass fishing on the lakes around here.

Welcome to NCAngler!
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