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Going to Wilmington on Sat after X-MAS

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Lookin for anyone down for a fishing trip to end 2007. We can fish early or in the afternoon:D
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Hi there 950 -- welcome aboard!
Unfortunately I'll be unavailable that day -- hopefully you'll find some other takers. Don't forget to duck into the User Control Panel (UserCP) and claim "Kayak Angler" membership -- that'll earn you a pin on the Kayak Anglers' Map...
welcome, Monster Good To Have You Fishing With Us..............chris
I will also be out of town so I will not be fishing going to visit the family. You should have some good luck I have been getting in to the fish. No real day to brag about but it has been regular so it is keeping me form exploring new spots. Fish the change in tides and look for dark mud bottom it will hold the heat nice and you should find some Drum. Do not pass up the docks either their are still fish hanging aroud them. Hope you get into them I am going to be knee deep in snow.
Welcome to the party!!!!!
Glad to have you aboard.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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