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My son and I hit HPCL this morning, finding perfect fishing conditions. Caught my first bass on a shallow crank off the dock, waiting for Ivan to open up! Nice little 15 inch chunk. Heading north, we hit a few spots with no luck, then Matt nails a crappie on a speedcraw!
Onwards we go, and then all you know what breaks loose. Chunked a mag finesse near a laydown, and a fish tried to take it home. Set her hard, and she blazed away from the tree! Came up twice, and she was honestly, the biggest bass I have hooked out there in sometime, looked easily 8 or 9 pounds, maybe more, but she threw the worm! @#%$$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
Trying to regroup, I lobbed another cast near another tree, and again, the fish tries to runoff with the mag finesse.
Stuck her good as well, but this one headed for the tree stripping drag, wrapped me up, and away she goes too!
By now I am ready to throw my gear in the lake...
Matt chunked a mag finesse near another tree, got a fat 3+. I finally recovered enough to get another pound and half fish.
The bite slowed, and you know what that means.
SPEEDCRAW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
We headed back to the Penny Road side to fish a certain point, and Matt gets a nice one on the speedcraw, maybe 4 1/2 to five.
We got seven more, all on speedcraws. The cloud cover hung in nicely, and the bite was fairly constant all day long. All in all, we got 8 bass, not a dink in the crowd. Plus I lost two good fish, one realllllll good, but hey, that's why it's called fishing, not catching.
Still, good for quality time with my son, even though he outfished me (this time), it was fun being out there when the bite was on.
I just mentioned to Peanut about never caught a crappie on a speedcraw, dogged if Matt didn't do it.


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