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After a long day of running errands and losing an expensive pair of sunglasses (grrr:mad:) I found myself with a free evening to get some fishing in. Taking out the kayak just felt like too much work, especially with the chance of showers everywhere, so I just made the short drive over to Umstead State Park.

The fishing started off good almost immediately with a small one pound bass on my second cast using a pumpkin seed senko worm. After that I decided to use up some worms I had left over from a previous evening and see if I couldn't catch some bream for potential catfish bait. Well not only did I catch a couple small bream perfect for bait, but I caught a beautiful red breast that was picture worthy. This was followed by a small 2 poundish catfish that put up a good fight! So in under an hour I had three species knocked out! Happy day.

After another thirty minutes I decided to move on and try out one more spot on the way in. As the sun was starting to get low (7:30), I was casting out the same orange pumpkin seed senko worm using my 5' ultra light rod/reel when it just felt i caught a cinder block.... that started to move. I set the hook as hard as I could and KNEW it was something large. The ensuing "OMG" fight lasted about 5 minutes with a lot of line going out and coming back in, trying to keep it tight and without getting caught up in bank debris. The fish did one aerial maneuver and I about peed my pants not wanting to lose it! As it caught close to the bank I started hoping as hard as possible it wouldn't break my 6lb test. The moment it came close to the bank I reached in snagged her, what a pig!! I wasn't prepared for this catch today, so no scale/tape was available. All I can say is that is my size 9 (12 inches show next to her). From my calculations, I am thinking 9.5-11 pounds. Either way, biggest bass I've landed.

Happy Day!:D


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