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Saturday 1-29-06: We left out this morning with Bluefin Tuna on our mind. But around lunch time we were fairly convinced, due to the lack of gannet bird activity and the bait was scattered, could not find any "balled up" as they do when being persued by predator fish, plus no one had hooked up all night or that morning. With all this evidence, it was an easy call to pull off and go catch a few king mackeral and some bottom fish.
The grouper bite was reported real hot the first of last week, but we found the bite had slowed for us. We did find some nice black bass that we picked up while we were king fishing, could have loaded the boat with them if we had stopped and anchored up on them. It's hard to bottom fish while slow trolling for kings in 110 feet of water. But all we wanted was enough for a few fresh fish dinners!!
Now, if your game is amorings, there were plenty of those to be caught also. Bonito's were schooling everywhere. If you like to catch false albacore on a fly rod, now is the time to head offshore. These fish were in big schools everywhere. Of coarse you have to take into context that the seas were flat and you could see a bait fish flip 100 yards away. The seas were as calm as I have seen it in a long time!!!
The water is cold around the horseshoe and tower areas, we found warm water 68* in the 370's. The 370's, for those that don't have loran, is in the area around the "Navy wreck". This is where the kings were, they were not thick, but if you get on a school of bait, you can have a good bite. The spoon bite was decent, but it seemed like the minnow bite was a little better. Be sure to check the pictures out under the fishing report on my site. If any of you guys know how, (I don't know how), feel free to upload them on your site, it would be appreciated!!
Some friends of mine went to the Gulfstream, the bite there was slow. A wahoo was caught, but the stream is not real active as of this report. But, be assured, it want be much longer until nature says it's time to migrate and when they do, they will use the stream as their "road to new grounds" and we will be there with the "toll gate" up.
Keep a watch on the weather and when you get a high pressure come in and lay the winds down that's the time to go fishing!! I won't be fishing this week, I will be at the Greensboro Saltwater Show. This will be at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Be sure to come by our booth and say hi. Also, on Friday at 6:00PM we will be giving a seminar on Offshore Bottom Fishing. On Saturday we will be doing it again on Offshore Bottom Fishing at 10:00AM. Now on Sunday, at 12:00Noon, we will be doing a seminar on Gulfstream Fishing. Come on out and join in and bring your questions!!!
That's about all I can think of at this time. If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way, be sure to email or call. We really do enjoy your questions and being able to help out our fellow fishermen. As I have said before, If not for all of you, what I do would be useless!!! Till next time FISH ON!!!Capt. Butch Foster, Capt. Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog say's HI!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport, NC. I will have my website address back here as soon as I have time to update my status on this site!!!
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