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Great day floating the Eastern Piedmont (kayak)

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I worked over the weekend so that my buddy Todd (known to many as 'The General' online) and I could get out and do a float on Monday. Todd is a pastor and is finishing up seminary school, so his fishing time has been very limited over the past year or so. But both being river rats, we decided to try and beat the storms and get a float in somewhere. Most of the rivers were still high and muddy, but we found a few floats that were doable. We ended up on a stretch that he had never fished and I have only fished once or twice in the late summer and early fall. Both times before the water was low and clear. This time, it was high and stained (although not muddy). It was hit and miss for a while, but eventually black blade baits took over and we started crushing them in big eddies and behind shoals. I ended up with 54 bass and an 8-10 lb carp that broke my heart (since it wasn't a bass). 17 of those were over 3 lbs with the biggest going 5-3. Todd had 32 with his biggest going 4-13. I mainly threw a Premier League Lures River Series spinnerbait and chatterbait - both black. The fish wouldn't touch it if you straight reeled it or slow rolled it. But if you ripped it, yo-yoed it, etc. then they would absolutely hammer it. My hands and arms are sore from the vicious strikes and fights. You can read the full blog of the day at:

Here is a pic of my biggest largemouth. Tight lines!

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Awesome day of fishing!!
Awesome! I did a 7 mile float this weekend and found them all off wood cover and eddie pools as well. Didn't have nearly the success that you did, but I will definitely be varying my blade bait retrieves more. Can't wait for topwater to really turn on!
That is great what a day a decent summers worth of fishing in one day!!

We have been blessed with some good fishing to start this year, as well as last year. It was so wet last year, that I felt like I was almost forced to become a better fisherman under high, muddy, fast flowing conditions. After I figured out some a couple of patterns, I actually think the river fish tend to get a little more predictable in those conditions. It might mean you have to paddle further or work harder to get to them, but when you do, you can catch a pile in a hurry.
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off color water will beat clear water all day long. Nice fishing my man!
My goodness those are some fat river bass. You are on them!

Your blog is awesome too. Living the dream! Great writing and photos. Keep it up so those of us with young children and demanding wives can live vicariously through your blog posts, hahaha.
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