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The fishing has been fast and furious lately!! I finally got a chance to put one of the reports on!!! Check out the rest on our web site!! Today we woke up to thunder storms and heavy rains. We were to go fishing with Orvin Severeid, Kyle Severeid from Montana, and Joel Herrmann from High Point. We waited until 9:00AM before we left the dock. By this time the "Intellacast" on the computer showed it to be moving on up the coast with clearing behind it. By the time we get to where it is it will be gone!!

It was, and after a 2 foot sea ride out this morning, the seas laid out flat for the evening ride back. But before we came back, we gave Orvin, Kyle, and Joel a sample of deep sea fishing off the coast of Southport,NC.

The first stop was instant action, the bite was non stop for a little while before it slowed up some. Being from Montana, we wanted them to experience a little of all of it if we could. We next went fishing for a few King Mackeral. It wasn't long before we had a double on!!! Also, we got a few grouper, but they were all too small to keep. But Joel made up for that when he landed a Hog Nose Snapper around 15 lbs.

Would be nice if I could get them a Mahi-Mahi I was thinking to myself. Well, I must be living right, for about that time one "skyed" with the pogy. Now, it was a "peanut" but it was a dolphin. Next time, I'll think about getting a big dolphin!!! We continued to troll the area aroung the Tower and pulled out another decent sized King Mackerel off of a dead Cigar Minnow; but for some reason once again the action slowed and we decided that it would be worth a try to see if we could get an Amberjack from around the legs of the Tower so that these guys could experience the awesome power of these 40-60lb mosters! No luck on the Amberjacks but Chris did manage to hook up on what we believe to be an African Pompano that resulted in a broken line :-/! Maybe next time

After awhile of Jack fishing we decided to try for some more bottom species. Capt. Butch located another ledge and we dropped anchor, soon after to find the 3-5lb Triggerfish and Silver and Grey Snappers coming over the side. On the way in we stopped at a rock just offshore of the South 40 and found there to be many NICE sized Black Sea Bass that were ready to feed, except one problem... the Sharks were there too! What a "grand finale" to the day exclaimed Kyle and Joel!!! "We catch all these good eating fish and then we get to hook into some that can REALLY pull back!!"
All in all despite the later start and the bands of rain and storms this morning we had a great day on calm seas and were even able to get out of the rain. The fish were hungry and willing to cooperate and the Captain and crew of the Yeah RIght experienced another Great day on the sea!! Check out the pic's on our site!!!!!!
Capt. Butch, Capt. Chris and Private Bodie, the fish dog says HI!!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC. (910)845-2004.
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