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SATURDAY 2-11-06; Today we had to call off our trip due to the winds. But I can't complain. Yesterday we started off our charter season with pretty good results. We left the dock with Fred Brown and Gary Hunt from Charlotte, they had some friends with them. They were Ben McDonald, Tony Cameron, James Williams, and Charles McNair, these guys were from Fayetteville, NC. The first stop was in the Horseshoe area, not much there!! The fish were hard to find, other boats in the area were reporting the same results. I was determined not to stop on the small schools of fish we were marking due to the difficulty of getting anchored on them in a "straight up" tide. We went to an area where the fish were reported being caught just two days prior to today, but it did not look too good so I made the decision to head 15 more miles to the SW to a rock I had found last year.

Upon arriving, I was getting the feeling that this was going to be a terrible way to start the new charter season. On the approach to the rock it was dead. As it rose up off the ocean floor, dead!!! Then I started down the back side, several fishermen were looking over my shoulder at the color scope. What's that? was the reply, that is what we are looking for, I replied.

Capt. Chris got a bottom rod and dropped down to make sure we were not going to anchor up on a pile of pinfish. That was a good hit, he said. Upon bringing the two pound black bass to the boat we drifted a bit more to establish an anchor course. We got the boat anchored and from that point on it was fast and furious for the next four hours. There is no telling how many big sharks were hooked and broken off. Some of them were estimated in the several hundreds of pounds. We did get two to the boat that were around 150 lbs. each.

Well, when the tide went slack four hours later, and the fish went into a non feeding stage, we re-grouped, seperated the fish and when they were placed into the on board fish boxes we had a problem, there was no room for ice. Both of the fish boxes were full of some of the best eating fish in the ocean!!

Yes, I would call it a fantastic way to start the new charter season!!! Even though when we started, it looked like all the fish had migrated south. But, my crew today never complained and they had the confidence in me too find them some fish today. Thanks fellows, I know you probably thought I was going to ride you around in the ocean all day on a boat ride, but sometimes you have to make the decision to leave an area to find the fish. All you guys were a real pleasure to fish with and we all had a ball!!! Now, isn't that what it's all about anyway, the fish are just an added bonus!! You can see the pictures on my website!! P.S. THE ELECTRICS ARE SERVICED, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!! Till next time, FISH ON, Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and Private Bodie, the fish dog, says HI!!!. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport, NC. (9
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