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I was able to fish the Green River Delayed Harvest section for a few hours earlier this week. Although this is a tailwater, it appears that the volume and duration of water releases is much lower than normal due to the drought. The water was very low and clear, the lowest I have ever seen on this river.

The spooky fish were hunkered down in any depression or rock crevice and not much in the way of flies would move them. It was apparent that the WRC reduced the number of trout stockings for this river in October. I saw maybe 6-7 fish total, and was able to land only one nice 13" brookie on a black bead head nymph. The low water allowed me to see bottom structures that are normally not visible in higher water, good information for future trips when the water level (and numbers of stocked fish) are hopefully restored.

And it was a beautiful Fall day to be on the water!
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