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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum. Live in Shelby, NC but have a place on NTB for about a 18mo's now. Just learning the area's fishing... the ol fashion way...trial and error. Mostly error I'm afaid, but hey, that's how I like to learn.

I mainly trout fish moutain streams with the fly, but now have the saltwater bug bad. When at the coast, I typically stay around NR Inlet. I have a little 19ft bay boat that I waste a lot of gas with running around the area, from the mouth to the bridge and back.

Heading down tomorrow, thru Easter. I hope the fishing is picking up. I actually have the rest of the week to myself to fish, before the rest of my family comes in Sun. This will be the first time since we bought the place that I will get some real quality time on the water. I'm hoping the weather cooperates. I'll post any results, good or bad.

:cool: ,

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