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Today we finally were able to get back offshore. It wasn't the calmest day I've seen, but, it wasn't too bad. Mostly in a big swell. We had one of the crews from Washington, DC with us today and when we left the dock they said we want to catch some grouper. So, off we went to the East side with, Reuben McNair, Clifford Stone, Rev. John Myers, Donald Stancell, James Hunter,and Samuel Cole.
Upon arriving at the first grouper rock, they were there!!! We got the boat anchored on top of them and only had to move a couple more times all day. We caught Grouper, Reds, Scamps, Gags, we also got Triggerfish, Grey Snapper, Amorings,(Amoco Jacks), B-Liners, Silver Snapper, Bigeyes, Sharks, and we hooked some BIG sharks,Black Bass, Porgys, and be sure to look at the BIG Hog Nose Snapper that Clifford Stone caught, I wasn't sure just who was going to win that battle, but Clifford came out victorious!!!
Finally, after two weeks of being landlocked, we got back offshore, and I think we started off the weekend pretty good. I bet these guys won't have to be rocked to sleep tonight, they stayed busy all day. As always, another good day of fishing with some great guys!!!!
Got a 1/2 day tomorrow, we will see if the inshore bite has gotten any better!! Till next time, FISH ON!!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie' the fish dog says, Check out the pic's on my site!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004
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