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Gulfstream And Bottom Fishing Reports

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Sunday,5-14-06; The winds are blowing again so I finally got a break long enough to catch up on some of my "paper work". Yesterday we met up with the gang from Fayetteville, NC. They were Tony Cameron,Fred White, Billy Owens,Clyde Brooks, and James Williams. We went after bottom fish and we found a wide variety that wanted to ride to the dock on the "YEAH RIGHT" and so we welcomed them aboard!!!

We had some big triggerfish, some big silver snapper, some big vermillion snapper, some big Black Bass, some very nice grouper, some big joltheads, some big grey snapper, but Fred White's big American Red Snapper was the rarest catch of the day!! We don't get a lot of those off our coast anymore and when you get one it is a real treet and a big surprise, not to mention some great fillets on the grill!!!!

We got these fish at only three stops, two were some of our usual places but one I found as I was moving to another place. I seen it on the color scope and turned around and got it "pinpointed" on the GPS, pulled up current from it, dropped anchor, drifted back on top of it and we dropped the baits down. Now let me tell you, from that point on, it was on!!!!!! These guys had the electric reels "smoking". We even hooked two fish that took the gears right out of two of our 4/0 reels. I mean you could not stop these two fish!!!!!

The last two days, first in the Gulfstream slamming big Mahi-Mahi, busting off big Wahoo's then the next day catching bottom fish till your arms ache, I love it, I could not think of doing anything else, and when you get to fish with the kind of folks like the guys from Fayetteville, why would you want to do anything else? CHECK OUT THE PICTURES ON MY SITE. Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie' the fish dog says HI!!!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS,Southport,NC (910)845-2004.

P.S. Fred, we saved you a few for the next time. The other guys didn't want too, but I made them!!! Sure hope Mrs. Brown is doing better!!!

Thursday,5-11-06: Am I dreaming or did I spend a BEAUTIFUL DAY in the gulfstream yesterday with Mike, Sherry and Brian Gould and Brian's fiance Kim Smith. The weather and seas were gorgeous. We got a late start, so we set a course to the 100/400 to start our day. We left the dock at 7:15AM and we reached our destination at 9:05, yeah, it was CALM SEAS!!!!

Upon arriving, there were several other boats already there. The reports were a very few fish bing hooked up. An occasional Mahi- Mahi, an occasional Wahoo, but no reports of a Tuna. We thought maybe we could be the one to start the Tuna bite so we put our lines in and set towards the Blackjack Hole. Between the 100/400 was a slightly formed weed line. Looked like what was left after the day before 10 foot seas had busted it up, but was enough there to pull the baits around. We tried and had no results!!

After reaching the Blackjack, the reports were still that the bite was slow. Thirteen miles to the Steeples. Let's pull the lines in and run to there. Capt Chris, who was mating today, picked up the first rod to bring them in, and we had a double hook up of Mahi- Mahi. OK, we will stay here!! Another 30 to 45 minutes of pulling our Ballyhoos proved fruitless. OK, Let's go, I have got to try to get some fish in the boat and I don't think this is going to be the spot today.

Upon reaching the Steeples, the water was a deeper blue and the temps. were 3 degrees warmer. The bait was not as thick as it was a few weeks earlier, but there was some. We fished the rest of the day here, never got a Tuna bite, but had a good day on the Mahi- Mahi. Mike even fought a big Bull Dolphin that we seen several times, even on the International 50 wide reel, Mike would take in 10 yards of line and he would take back 15. This battle back and forth finally was more than the 50 lb. line could handle and it finally parted leaving Mike with only a memory of a battle well fought with the Mahi winning this one. We don't know how much he weighed, but, it was a very large bull!!!! Now, as for the Wahoo's. Somedays, no matter how hard you try, sometimes nothing goes right. We had plenty of chances to get a Wahoo!!! We had lines cut, baits bit off, fish get off, lines broke, we had the Wahoo bites, but that was it for the Wahoos, could not get one in the boat. Today was their day, but there is an old saying something about the sun not shining somewhere all the time.

We thank the LORD for giving us a beautiful day to spend in the Gulfstream with some good friends!! These are the times you cherish and remember back on as life goes on. A good day on the water with some GREAT friends.

As for the weekends weather, right now they aren't talking in our favor, but they may change it as the weekend gets closer, let's hope it gets better!! CHECK OUT THE PICTURES ON MY SITE!!!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch Foster, Capt Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004.
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