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TUESDAY 4-3-07
Today we were headed back to the Gulfstream witn Gary Deeck, David Harris, Sam and Zack Lambert. Unlike yesterday, the seas were a little rougher than yesterday, but were supposed to lay out as the day went on, and they did!!!

I had visions of fish boxes overflowing with Wahoo and Tunas. As we got closer to the 100/400 the boats were that already there were reporting trouble finding any fish.

I decided to move a little closer to the Black Jack Hole and a degree or two warmer water. The water color was OK, but not quite what I like!!

We made a few circles around the Black Jack, no action!! I was listening to the other boats on the radio reporting the same results.

With this knowledge, I turned and set a course towards the Steeples. About 1/2 way there, Capt Roger on the Carolina Contender hooked up with a Wahoo. Must have been the only Wahoo there!! We fished the same area (thanks for the #'s Capt Roger), then moved on towards the Steeples.

The bite was real slow today. After yesterday's bite, we had thought that with the calmer conditions we would have to hide in the cabin to bait a hook today. Fishing and fish never do what it's supposed to do, or at least the way we want them to!!!

Arriving at the Steeples, the water was about as Gulfstream Blue as you'll ever see it, I had a better feeling here. Well, it was slow here. I was pulling an assortment of Bluewater Candy Lures and Cape Lookout Lures skirts and heads, and a "shotgun" rod with a cedar plug on it.

Just as we crossed one of the mountain tops, the cedar plug rod bent over, Someone yelled fish on and "Private Bodie" the fish dog came un-wound!!!! It was a Blackfin Tuna!!!

I immediately reeled in two more rods and fitted them with cedar plugs. The old standard in bluewater fishing did it again!! Soon, we were loading up one, two, and sometimes three rods on the cedar plugs with Blackfin Tunas. Tunas were flying everywhere in the boat, Bodie was jumping from fish to fish trying to make them hold still, and suddenly the slow bite was forgotten!!

There are some Yellowfins out there, Capt Roger was fishing two hundred yards to our port catching Blackfins also, when his number was called and he hooked up and boated a Yellowfin.

I think we had a couple of Yellowfins hooked up the day before that pulled the hooks on a diving plug, the reel was "melted down" the hooks pulled and there were no gashes cut in the lure to indicate a wahoo bite, but, we'll never know for sure!!!

The Blackfin bite slowed so we took off to the Tower area to get a mess of bottom fish before heading in. Another good day on the seas with some Great guys!!!

The King Mackeral have finally showed up offshore. From what I hear, they are on the East side. Come on down and let's go fishing, you've waited all winter, and now it's time!!!

I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I love what I do and I love to see folks catch fish and have a great time, how could you not love that?????? Check out pic's on my site at YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS

P.S. To all the e-mails I have, I will try to get them answered tonight or tomorrow. Please be patient with me, I am getting older and slower!!! Till next time FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, finally I can get some rest, the wind blowing is not always a bad thing, at least not for me!!!
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