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Just thought I would pass along what I believe is a great deal at Neuse Sport Shop in Kinston. They have the containers of Gulp Alive on sale for $11.99. These normally sell for $19.99 each. Then they have a $5.00 mail in rebate for each one purchased up to 4 per address. The price at the register comes to $12.80 with tax, and then when you get the rebate it comes to $7.80 (including tax) for the container that usually sells for $19.99 plus tax. They have the following models at this price:

3" pearl white shrimp
3" pearl white shrimp with chartreuse tail
4" pearl white shrimp
4" pearl white swimming mullet
4" chartreuse swimming mullet

These are all great colors. I bought these today and they had many left, but please call to confirm before you drive. The rebate forms are on the Gulp isle, but it is also located at the link below (second one down).,default,pg.html
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