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I decided to take a look around Cane Creek for the last two weekends and found a few Bass. Nothing huge but it put me in the game again after a 20 year fishing layoff. My two sons and I fished the entire bank for Bass all the way to the east end next to Potters rd. The only fish we encountered were in the east end at 2 to 3 feet in depth.

Jiggs with trailers produced the only action we could find but it was fun being back on the water and trying to learn NC fishing tactics. I was raised on West Lake Toho in Kissimmee and spent 25 years fishing that chain of lakes so its like learning Bass fishing all over again.

I am really enjoying the new experience and the time with my boys is really the most important part of this. That doesn't mean I am not on mission. I will figure this out with a few pointers from you NC experts. Might have to change what I fish for instead of being one tracked with Bass.

I am looking at the Hummingbird 1199 side looking sonar. Seems a little overkill but hey, I don't have another 55 years to figure this out so I might let a little technology work for me as well.

Love to hear your thoughts on the 1199 over the Lowrance system.

We'll keep pluggin away and giving our results. Its a whole different world out there than I remember. :rolleyes:


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