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Half day on the New River with my parents

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Was able to fish a half day with my parents. It has been a long time since I have not been able to fish with them for more than a year now and what a day it was. We hooked up and left the house right before dark and hit the ramp about first light. I had it in mind to find some shrimp where I have been getting it for weeks but could not find the first one. So we filled the live well up with finger mullet and headed to the first area.

We anchored up in the first cut and seen a lot of bait (p-nut poggies) and good sign of fish popping them every once in awhile. It didn't take long only about five min to get the first bite and it was a good one. Cork took off under the water and up comes a nice 17 in trout to start the day. We went 10 min with out and bite but made a good move to a point that was holding bait. About the time we pulled up and got set Boom! Pow! big fish were busting the bait. We threw on the edge of them and immediately my moms cork went flying and we had another big trout. The next trout was the best bite of the day. It sky'd out the water like a king mack and it was a good fish just over the 20in mark.

The trout bite died off and I moved up the river to my "flounder hole" and landed 6 flounder with 3 being keepers. We were off the water before noon and fish tacos are going to taste great tonight. Mom and dad had a great time catching all the fish while I baited hooks and watched them have a great time.


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Great stuff man. Thanks for sharing

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Great stuff!
Solid day! Nothing like fishing with family!
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