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Hampstead area Trout & Flounder

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The weatherman was calling for a beautiful day today and I had the itch to fish. So I decided to get a quick trip in BEFORE work. I launched the boat at 5:30am with my friend Chris meeting me at the ramp. We headed to our first stop for some trout.

Chris had just finished saying, I've never caught a Speck on a top water lure, when you guessed it, he caught a speck on his top water lure! That came before first light at 6AM. Unfortunatley that would be the last speck for the day. We tried some other spots, but no luck on the trout or drum.

We then headed over to one of my favorite flounder holes. There we managed to catch six, keeping three that were 15 inches or more. Chris did most of the "catching" but we both had fun and there was no "skunk" on the boat today.

Here's the ones that came home with us:

Then back to reality and work..........
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I don't think I could get into work after that. I missed my flight one time over a hot Tarpon bite. Called in and got another day off. I guess it's different if the fish are in your back yard though.
Yup - living near the "fishing grounds" is very nice. Makes it easy to get out for a few hours. I was going after work until dyalight saving time ended. Now I have to get up earlier....
Good looking fish. Got a nice 18" Speck this morning and a short flounder. Temps dropped as the wind up here picked up so I headed back in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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