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Went back for some more topwater fun this mornin and took my girlfriend. She hadn't ever caught a topwater bass and a few casts in one about 2lbs blew up on the buzzbait at her feet, she almost fell over she jumped so bad! A little later I picked up a frisky 1.5lber and we moved down the bank. She picked up a small 1lber right on the bank and was thrilled. I was determined for another shot at the behemoth that swiped at my buzz wednesday but no cooperation. Moved down to another point and Kate has a 7-8lb fish blow up on the buzz a couple feet from the shore tailwalking across the top of the water. Key part of fishing... setting the hook :rolleyes: she panicked and instead of jerking she had the rod tip pointed right at the fish. Think we all know how that one ended, would have been her biggest fish ever let alone bass. Heartbreaking, would have loved for her to land it. I had a hoss blow up on a long cast shortly after that missed the bait entirely but it sounded like a vacuum it tried so hard to suck the bait down. Picked up another 2lber and headed back down the bank. Had a slob blow up on my bait twice in the same cast and missed both times. Worked the area for a while but the fish was long gone. Having awful luck lately with big bass connecting on the buzzbait. They're just missing it entirely in the murky water. Ended up picking up a nice fatty to end the day by noon. 4 Fish for the 4th of July and a pretty morning.

Aside from the fishing report I let her play with my baitcaster for a little bit and within a few casts and very minimal backlash she was throwing it pretty efficiently! Learned a lot faster than a lot of seasoned fishermen I've seen try. Was a proud moment for sure. According to her now I have to buy her a baitcaster :eek:

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