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Harris crappie?

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I'm wanting to drag the boat to Harris and try for crappie. Any suggestions/hints on where to begin. Wanting to move up in size from the mostly small fish I'm catching at Falls.
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Do you have electronics? I love Harris and have fished it with and without electronics and going after cold weather crappie is one type of fishing where it makes a huge difference. Slow trolling jigs or minnows through deep balls of bait fish is probably the most effective strategy. When I go without electronics I just slow troll a few cove mouths and points, turning around and making passes at different distances from shore until I get bites.
I have electronics.

I primarily kayak and tend to have that mindset and when you said "drag", I imagined dragging a yak down to the water. :)

A general comment about Harris from my experience that I should have added before - the crappie seem to relate to the bait far more than to structure. It's unlike most other places I go where there are timber sections or bridges where you can stay in one spot and slay them. There are a few places that are like that at Harris sometimes, but I have generally done best on the move and moving around steeper points has been the kindest to me over the years.
Thanks for the info.

I guess with the proliferation of carryable boats on the water I should have been clearer. Nope its a trailer boat.
Buddy of mine whacked them out there Saturday. Said he went through 6 dozen minnows by 10:30.
Harris has far less structure than most of the lakes in the area. There are some humps, some ledges and a roadbed but it's more like a deep bowl, and that's why it fishes like it does IMO. As the water continues to cool, if you can find the shad you'll most likely catch fish because the crappie are on a serious feeding pattern until just before the spawn.
Never fished Harris but getting slabs is a good thing
Was out there last Wednesday and a boat stayed tied to the power line pilings for over an hour. Had to have been after slabs.
Right now...Main Points in 10-15 fow close to deep channels will hold fish.
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Got some nice ones yesterday. I was getting them in mid 20s ft of water right on the bottom.
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I have not really targeted crappie. I caught a few nice ones when catching white perch. Usually around the channels in the deeper water.

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