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harris lake

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any one here fish it? i am needing some inside info round mid march. as i am banned from prefishing a club tourny there. this lake is the only one voted on by the club that no prefishing period from jan 1 till tourny in march..

yes i have fished this lake before

any info would be great thanks in advance.

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Well Zooker i have fished Harris Lake several times and was very impressed everytime that ihave fished a tournament there.
the water is deep in spots and shallow in others.
you have great spots with flats that hold alot of fish and deep drops that they stack up in.
as far as March well earliest that i have fished there was May. so not much help there the water should still be chilly so fish accordingly.
I can tell you that have had most of my luck in water between 6 to 12 ft deep with crank baits but again that is in May.
Dink - Welcome to NCAngler. I see you live in Jacksonville, that is where I grew up but I live in Hampstead now. Do you saltwater fish too?

well thank you Hampstead for the welcome and yes i do some saltwater fishing also.
I try to do some trout fishing this time of year and also in the late spring to early summer i go after the lady fish in the intercoastal water way on base
also like to go after the puppy drum.
Great. I love to fish for trout and drum this time of year too. There's some pretty good fishing grounds on the New River and on the ICW as it passes through the base. Wish that river had some Stripers this time of the year.

Tight lines & fat fish to ya!

Fun fishing

Yeah the ICW has some great spots. IE: browns inlet and bear island.
As far as the New River goes i have only ever bass fished on it.
Have heard that SouthWest Creek does hold some nice trout though but
have never tried for any there.
I would not even know what to throw at them there or where to even start.

they say that a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work
But I say to you......Have you ever had a bad day on the water???????
There is no such thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I never caught much on the New River near town. Southwest creek we use to fish but for catfish and the like. If I were going to try SW Creek for trout, I'd start with live shrimp if I could find some or maybe mud minnows - if the trout are that far up they are there chasing the bait. This time of year the deep mud bottomed holes or on a warm sunny day maybe the mud flats.

I more had in mind the lower part of the New River around Courthouse Bay (huge flounder in the summer), the 172 bridge, etc.

Hey Breadman - how 'bout you; you ever fish the upper part of the New River or just the lower part?
now i have fished the lower portion by the 172 bridge years back when there was still parts of the iold bridge there and we fished around them and had decent luck there.
think i might have to give that spot a try here in the near future.
i appreciate all the input so far

everyday you can spend on the water is one more day that you
aint at home with the other half!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The weather was so nice here yesterday (until later when the storm blew through) that I took off right after my students left and went to Shearon Harris (near New Hill) for a quick paddle in my kayak and to try my luck with the fishies. Well, once again the fish were safe but it was a great afternoon for being on the water. There were a few others out fishing but mostly the duck hunters were on the water. I'll keep trying as spring rolls around and will let y'all know if anything is biting.
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