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head cam?

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Any of you use a head cam? Thinking I would like to try it. Any suggestions?
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I just lost my GOPRO that was mounted to the bill of my cap. The cap has a leash, but when it hit the water, BAM, it was gone! At least I have the video of my daughter getting her diploma in the Medical field. But, I was PO'd I lost it. Such as life.
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I use two cameras on my yak but I rather mount to poles or something mounted to the yak and lease them to the yak as well.
I have a Go-Pro mounted on my hat and i love it . I use it all the time when i am fishing.Get one and you will love it to.
Due to price I am going to try a I kam extreme sunglasses. I will let you guys know how it goes.
Go Pro needs to put a backup leash...other than the 3m adhesive. ..Losing one should not be an option.
Could use a tether like I have for my phone in the kayak...a simple carabiner with a small diameter elastic cord attached.

To fish is human!
I use 50 lbs braid for backup on my Go pro...but you would think they would have thought of that buy now.
You'd think...but I'm not so sure they think fishing when they design their stuff. Most of their push is for land based operations, but I'm sure they will figure it out soon. As long as we do, though, it's ok. Ours will stay safe! Hahaha!
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