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Heading to Roanoke Island/Wanchese May 2-6

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Good afternoon guys,

First I would just like to say thanks all the great people and info on this site. I visit it daily though I rarely post if ever. I was hoping for advice if you guys don't mind helping out a new guy. I will be heading down to the Roanoke Island area with a couple buddies the first week of May. We will have a boat and are coming solely to fish the sound area. Obviously being from VA this is all a little new to me. We were planning on sticking around the island but are open to suggestions. Our plan is to target Reds, Flounder, Trout or whatever we can find. Obviously I'm not expecting or wanting anyone to give away their secret locations but if anyone has some general knowledge of the area as far as baits and presentation for certain types of fish this time of year I'd greatly appreciate any info you're willing to pass along.

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Welcome aboard Bradley. I wish that I could help you but I know nothing of the area. I feel certain that several in this forum can be of assistance to you.
Thanks for the kind words Rick. Happy to be here, hopefully a couple people can provide a little incite to go with what I've already read here.

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This is certainly the place to be. Maybe do a search for Roanoke Island and see if it produces any results.

VA Redfish - Sorry to see no one has responded. I wish I could help, but actually, I'm curious about what you find out as well. Hopefully someone will shoot you a PM and get you started. Good luck and please report back!
Thanks Greenmonster, I will definitely do a report after the trip. This is a small community so I'm sure it will just take time for the right people to see this post. I understand it's a pretty productive area so I have my fingers crossed.
The big bridge and little bridges over the Manteo/ Nags Head Causeway are good spots. Took the kids on a shrimp trawling charter last summer out of Wanchese. We trawled the channel north of the big bridge trawling up crabs and fish along with the shrimp. The little bridge has a fishing pier I have caught trout from (early AM.) Gary at the Fishing Unlimited bait store next to the little bridge will let you know what's going on when you are there. They have a dock to tie up at. Good luck.
Thanks Phil, I will be sure to stop in and see him.
You can fish around around the manns harbor, and manteo bridge, maybe find some stripers. For reds, go closer to oregon inlet and fish the skinny water in that area. First week of May, my money's on the inlet area. Should be able to find a couple flounder in the channels around there too. Keep an eye on the surf too, as an extra, it should be time for the spring drum run on the areas beaches. Pm me if you have any other questions.
Thanks obangler, I did in fact PM just now.
Only 2 more days! Can anyone give me some good news from this area?
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