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headed over to Lynn this afternoon since I had a good feeling about finally getting some action on the lake. Started out for 30 minutes with topwater and plastics with not a nibble. Decided to move on to another spot and again started with top water buzz baits. Was working behind a bridge and had a nice blow up however worm rod was too far away to toss it in to see if I could get a comeback. No luck on that but headed further into the shallower end so I could start working my way back. I toss over a log at the very end of the spot and jump it over the log to avoid a snag, just as it hits the water I hear a big OLE SPLASH!!! and I have a good sized fish on. I got to see its body as it turned and I am going to guess 8# fish range. The fight starts and it takes off for the open water and run right under the bridge. I am at a bad angle and way to far away to handle that run and snap goes the leader and fish was gone. The boards of the dock got me this time.

Worked a bit longer trying worms and cranks and finally moved to another spot. Second toss of the buzz and about 5 feet from shore a little 1 pounder grabs it and ends up landed.

Lost a good quality fish today and one of my favorite buzz baits.
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