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Hello Everyone...

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Just wanted to say hello. I live up in Boone and fish for trout mostly. Right now we're trying to find stripers down in the piedmont lakes. Thanks everyone.

Dustin Petrey
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Dustin- Welcome. I looking forward to any information that you can share about Striper Fishing.
Welcome on to the site Dustin! Post up them catchin reports! ;)
Welcome! glad to see ya joined up!
Welcome ! Glad to have you aboard. Do you have any pics of some of the trout you've caught? Do you get a variety? Would love to hear more about your experiences.
Hello and welcome to the best fishing spot in the world. There is no other web site that compares to this one.
welcome aboard. Jpsutton was asking for help in the boone area. he's a app state student looking to get into fishing. Maybe you could tell him some good spots to go.
Welcome dp!
Welcome to the site. I see you have your work cut out for you here already.:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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