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Hello Friends

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Looking forward to both giving and receiving good info from around the state. Love to fish everything, but bass in rivers is my thing.

Todays Report: lots of wind, a little water in the pond, and no bass. 2 crappie. Farm pond. Need to get the boat out and hit the lake for better info.
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Welcome to the club!!!!!!!! This is a GREAT site with a lot of useful information. You should put in your city location so others near you can give you better pointers for your area.
Welcome Skinny! Thx for the report.

My score was BB, Soccer, Taxes = yes; Fishing = no; Glad somebody got out and glad taxes are done (IhopeIhopeIhope)...
Welcome to the party!
Welcome to the site and good luck with the bass this year!
Welcome welcome!! the more reports around the state, the better!! Nice to hear what folks are catching in different areas for sure (be it salt or fresh) ;)

Again, welcome on!
howdy and welcome. look forward to hearing some reports.
:eek: Whatzzzz up????????????? welcome to the board

Tight lines <*)))))>{
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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