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I used to fish a bunch and then life happened. Now I'm ready to enjoy the rivers again! I like to wade or canoe smaller streams and rivers. I've never had much luck in big lakes. I like to spin and fly fish. Any species will do, but the objects of my affections are river smallmouth bass.

I live in central NC and am quite willing to travel to most parts of the state.

I've lurked on the site before, thought I would finally join in.

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If you have the inclination to try a guide, look up Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing... I think he is actually from the Summerfield area, and although he is a master troutsman, he is also adept at pursuing smallmouth. He could almost certainly show you some areas to chase smallies in your general neck of the woods.

I live in High Point but I am almost always pursuing the Largemouth in the lakes. :D

Welcome to NCAngler!
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