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My wife and I are new to fishing NC. We are in the Kannapolis area and are looking to find a nice place to fish some krappie , pan fish, cats, walleye, or even small mouth bass. from the bank or a pier within about an hour or so from here. Any advice welcome including best times and whats biting this time of year. Thank you, Caldawgg
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I don't have the info you're looking for, but hopefully someone who does will chime in. Make 7 or 8 more posts to enable PM's, you might find someone willing to share info discreetly.

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I think you will have a hard time finding walleye or smallies, Lake Norman State Park has some good cat and panfishing not too far away. Best bet is to go to NCWRC website, click on "Fishing" Click on "were to fish" click on "interactive map" click on the access you are looking for, and you will get a map you can zoom in on in your area and see what areas are available close by.

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