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Vertical lines that don't scroll (static lines) to the right as the screen moves can sometimes be due to electrical interference (or so I've heard). Check to make sure your transducer cable runs through your hull away from other cables.

•Disconnect the transducer and turn on the unit. It should enter demo mode and you can make sure the vertical lines are an interpretation from the transducer and not just a faulty head unit. Report back on if the black lines show up on the demo mode too.
•Make sure your transducer is below the water line and has water flowing OVER the transducer at all times. Make sure the reading face of the transducer is parralel to the bottom (of the lake).

Could you tell us:
-How wide are the black lines?
-Are they static or are they moving across the screen?
-When are they visible? Just when the unit is fully on? Can you see them when the unit is powered off?
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