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Hi from Jacksonville, NC

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Hi all, I'm beelo and I recently found this awesome site. I've been stationed at MCAS New River in Jacksonville, NC for about 4 years now but never fished these waters until about a month ago. I fish mainly in the New River and Topsail/Surf City. Sea View Pier in North Topsail has been my home these last couple weekends. Anyway, I've been lurking these forums for about a week now, thought I would do the right thing and stop hiding! See you out there!

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Welcome to the site beelo and thank you for your service to our country! We salute you. :) And thanks too for saying hello. I think we've got a lot of folks that read the posts on the site and 'lurk' but dont' jump in. I hope more will. It is the collaborative environment of some quality anglers on this site that make it what it is. We look forward to your posts and some fishing photos! ;)
Welcome Beelo. It's good to see you here. I visit Seaview Pier from time to time myself. I was just down a few weeks ago, but didn't have much luck. I'm glad to see that your finally enjoying some NC fishing. I look forward to reading your post in the future.

Welcome aboard, Topsail Island is one of my favorite places to be. Unfortunately it is a long drive for me these days. yrs. ago I found a diamond in the ballus crystal form on the beach by the new river inlet on Topsail island. I couldn't figure out why the ocean hadn't polished the sharp ridges off. I thought it had broken out of something recently. I didn't even stop to think it might be to hard to be polished by the sand and the quartz rocks. I ended up throwing it back down. while you are fishing you might want to keep your eyes open fo it . It is a sphere about the size of a nickel. well I"ll catch up with you later . I owe, I owe; off to work I go. AL.
Welcome beelo from western NC. Your service is appreciated.
Thanks all for the warm welcome. If you happen to see an asian Marine in his early 20's running around and bugging the old timers with questions galore on the Sea View / Surf City piers, chances are its me. I'll be at the end of Sea View again this coming weekend, clear skies or not. If you happen to see me, please stop and teach me something!!

Beelo, while you are there you might want to check the surf zone for trout... especially if you happen to be there well after dark.... sunrise is good to but you will probably be right busy about sun up. Pier deweller said they were in 2-4' of water at surf city pier a couple of weeks ago.
beelo welcome aboard,:D now get 2 of your buddies with 200 bucks a piece and help me out on a all day deep sea fish out of morehead this weekend!
sinker man, the plan is friday afternoon til probably saturday evening, and according to that solar-lunar calculator, I should hit 5 of the 7 approximated bite-times. I'm very interested in trying to figure out exactly how much the tides affect fishing... Tuesday I came out for five hours and caught nothing but a baby shark on squid and fishbites, some menhaden with my now-ruined subiki rig, (by the way, at least a 3oz sinker on the end or you'll end up reeling in a tangled mess going after menhaden!) and the bottom of the pier with my last gotcha plug :( That's when I decided to call it quits. And just last saturday I caught about 10 blues with that thing! I'm gonna miss it

I digress; thanks for the tip on the trout. I have yet to go after them, so not quite sure how to catch them. Bye for now

baitandfly said:
beelo welcome aboard,:D now get 2 of your buddies with 200 bucks a piece and help me out on a all day deep sea fish out of morehead this weekend!
I wish I could, but the wife would kill me!!! :eek: I'm stuck on shore until either a) I can convince my wife that fishing is the greatest thing on Earth or b) I can rally enough people in the squadron to go. Currently actively pursuing plan B. :D

Welcome aboard

Glad to see you on here. I feel your pain on the wife front. Really is a pain in the rear when they don't understand about the fishing. Maybe I shoulda looked for a girl that liked football AND fishing. Oh well 0 out of 2 is bad. :D
Beelo, for trout in the surf like that where they are under lights... lets just say they can be very hard to fool. Live shrimp or live minnows are usually what most folks use. Mirrolures are sometimes productive but they see plenty of those too. Personally I'm gonna try something small and suspending or maybe something a little off the wall next shot I get at them. Good luck whatever you fish for. AL
A couple buddies and I are heading out there now. I'm not feeling very confident about the trout but maybe I'll get lucky... I'll be out there for long enough!! :)
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