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Hi to all

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Hello my name is ken. I am disabled due to a tractor trailer wreck i had in 2004. So i am starting a new hobby. I have never really had time in the past to do much fishing, just in the local ponds and lakes around home. So i am new to pier and ocean fishing. any info would be appreicated
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Hey whats up Ken. Glad u found us on here. Sorry i dont know to much about pier fishing. But you have found the right place for some help.
Weclome to the party! I try to get to the piers a few times a year and for basic fun I use a 2 hook bottom rig with a 3 oz sinker and #4 or #2 hooks, bloodworms, fresh shrimp, cut fish for bait. Use the search function on the blue banner with keywords like pier, bottom, mullet, spots, flounder, blues, spanish and you'll find alot of past discussions... But ask and we will help all we can!! Water tempos are climbing right now so it is getting time to hit the piers!!
( Were you the trucker or the other one?)
I was the trucker i hit a patch of black ice in WVa and went over a bridge 60' drop
dang I hear that! I've had my butt pucker a few times on 220 and 81 myself but got away clean. Sorry to hear of the accident... Here is some good general info on Pier and Surf species in NC, not just OuterBanks..

Outer Banks Fish
Welcome to the site Ken C.............Chris
Welcome aboard Ken. Lots of good info hear and a number of guys who fish piers all the time so just ask & like Sundrop said, use that search feature.
10-4 and welcome to the NC Angler.........we welcome some nice stories and pics of fish.

The season is just kicking off for the piers and like sundrop.......said simple tackle will get the job done.

tight lines <*)))))>{
Howdy and welcome.
Main thing is just to get some gear and get to a pier.
Most anglers will be more than willing to give you some tips to help you out. And also just watch the ones that are catching fish and try to do what they do.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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