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Finally sucked it up and went to a creek i have been looking at for a few years. Took my fitness freak little cousin with me. Stupidity loves company... The hike out was ungodly brutal. Rhodo, briars and more rhodo. Finally found a bear trail (literately, we could see the paw prints clearly) and made it to the ridge top. 7 miles round trip, 3,500 feet elevation gained - I was exhausted. But the fish were worth it. 6 specks over 9" were caught and probably 60 fish between the 2 of us. Crazy thing is we only caught 1 dink all day.

Water Plant Fluvial landforms of streams Natural landscape Spring

Lil cuz getting it kicked off early

Hand Vertebrate Finger Fish Recreation

And kicked off right!

Plant Water Water resources Ecoregion Natural landscape

Feeling small on a "small stream"

Water Vertebrate Fish Salmon-like fish Fisherman

One of the better specks

Water Plant Leaf Natural environment Terrestrial plant

Hand Salmon-like fish Fish Fisherman Recreational fishing

Nice un

Water Shorts Plant community Plant Natural environment

He is learning fast. Ask good questions, listens and watches. Very proud of him. On the way home fishjunky ambushed me via multiple voicemails and text messages. The boy is flat ninja with a cell phone. Got the permission slip signed by Mrs. lostnwilderness and we headed out Sunday afternoon to Davidson River. Lets just say, we had a GOOD day...

Water Cloud Sky Smile Hat

My first one... 29" 8 pounds = happy mountain boy :) (no comments on the popped collar - last time out I got cooked like a pork rind)

Window Wood Flooring Floor Building

Luna approved!

Can't wait for this upcomming 3 day weekend. Got to install a sink and finish some chainsaw work at mom and dads but I am itching for a holy trinity Fri, Sat, Sun go of it... I get the sink in and I may be able to get the pass from SWMBO. Hope everyone is getting out! wademaster or one of the admins, can yall rotate these pics for me?

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By the way, what were they hitting?
Everything we threw ;)

Nah seriously though, you should come up in the hills fishing with us sometime. If it is native fish you want, and you are ok riding around with a burlap bag (triple layered) over your head (dbeam can attest), I can arrange your acquaintance with our native brethren :) Native fish don't much care about pattern. It is more a question of your blue heron ninja stalking skills, ability to make precise cast in modified (jungle) conditions on the first try and have a drag free drift. You do that, then native fish are a piece of cake.*

*this message excludes native brown trout. They are ba______ a_______ that have severe emotional and sociological issues. (read as they are getting the best of me right now...)
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