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High point lake

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Went today with my 5 year old for the first time to try our luck. As soon as we got there my boy caught a few bream and a small bass. I managed 4 cats and a very small bass. Was a decent evening and glad he out fished me. Makes it all worth it when he does

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That's great! Seeing the kids smile when they catch a fish is one of the very best parts of fishing. Nice job!
Congrats!!! Good day on the water. I've never fished high point city lake can you do decent from the bank?
Yea watching him smile is makes it all worth it. I'd rather him keep me busy with bream all day than me catch fish. And I fish from the bank there they do have boats you can rent tho. Caught my catfish on trout chow and a corn puff dipped in grape carp flavoring

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Good job! My son Matt and I caught five bass, none over two pounds, although he had a four come loose right at the boat, and I had a good one wrap me up and make her escape. Saw no evidence of bedding fish, so I guess it won't be long before they are eating it up!
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