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high rock 11-26-06

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went to high rock with long time friend and co worker today.
we were bass fishing but stopped to hit some docks for crappie we were shooting jigs under floaters. in about and hour and a half we caught 50+ crappie keeping about 15 for my self.

i had a couple over 2 pounds

it has been 4 years since i last fished with my ole friend but i still got a picture of him with a monster hugie crappie-he asked that i block out his face..

lol-i am going to e-mail this pic to his wife unblocked of course...:D

been awhile since i filleted something as small as a crappie -even a big crappie- now i have to wait till tomarrow to get some beer for beer batter-blasted blue laws-

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I love the taste of fresh Crappie... Sounds like a productive trip for sure!
Zooker, I was there Sat with my dad. Same story, caught lots of crappie beatin' the docks and kept a mess of 12 no smaller than 10". My dad caught a 3lb bass with his crappie rod. My dad also went Sun. and said that they caught well but not as good as Sat.
Nice crappie zook! We were out there Saturday, trolling of course. One fat cat is all we could coax to the boat, but the weather was awesome.
Hey guys, it seems we are passing each other. Let's meet or stop and chat sometime. Our boat is a Tracker Pro-Guide, beige with hunter green striping with the windsheild. We put in Sat. at Tamarac and fished up around Abbotts and Crane Creek.
spot if you were there saturday you probly were in the mouth of abbots creek.. with about a dozen others..

Yep, motored right by ya Spot. We went on up into Abbotts. Water was a little trashy.
little?? try very trashy up at the crane creek mouth..

Yeah, I understated it a "little".
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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