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high rock lake 8-5-06

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water temp at 3:30am was 87.5 degrees.. water was clear wind was blowing but good from the east at 25-30 gusting around 40+ air temp was 78 it was "perfect".. i ran to a little known chunk of struture the wind was blowing straight into it..caught 1 bass on a lipless bait 4 more on a c-rig and 1 on a pnj all before day light. 2 were short. i took pictures of most of the fish just they did not turn out none to good.-kinda p.o. that the pictures of the big fish did not turn out well-he went 7.1 pounds - this is the only decent picture i have of any of the fish. please note that is the correct time as you can see why i have diffaculty getting decent pictures..

got to talking with a guy-local pro- about 5:30 ish.. i was on his spot-aww poor thing
- i was ready to leave any way and ran to a quiet non wind blown point. where i caught 1 dink on a horny toad 1 even shorter on a pop-r. and 3 more on the c-rig.. as dawn apporached and i could see i ran to crane creek fished a rock pile catching 2 more -1 short- about 9 am i went to see if my favorite pair of bo..-err red head-was home from collage.. yes they were
... i had to pry the tounge off the deck but finally made it into second creek around 10am.. both batteries were on there last legs fighting the consant wind.. i headed home about 10:30am

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Thanks for the report. I mainly fish there during crappie season.(stumble on a bass sometimes while doing this) I need to go down and try the bass fishing.
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