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Hello and before anyone says anything I know this is NC angler but it's still the Carolinas! Anyway I am heading to Hilton head the 3rd week in August and I will be surf fishing. Does anyone have tips for shark fishing? I usually Use a bottom rig with shrimp on it, however I am up for trying something different and possibly shark specific. Also what bait should I use? my gear is a Berkeley 8' rod with a $15 shimano reel but I don't have money for better gear right now and Im happy with it right now. With this setup I have caught bluefish, whiting, small panfish but I would like to get into some bigger surf fishing. I know this forum is vast in its surf fishing knowledge and I'm looking through other posts but what bait will be best for shark fishing and thanks for any replies!​
What I would like to catch while I'm down there
anything that'll put up a bigger fight really馃榾
And if I'm correct there is no ocean pier in Hilton head correct?
thanks again guys

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Sorry to be frank but please don't try and target any sharks over 20lbs with that gear. You will just ruin your reel, lose your leaders, and threaten the shark's well being. Shark fishing is a demanding sport that requires the appropriate gear and knowledge; especially when you're fishing from the surf/pier and can't chase the shark in a boat. Trying to target sharks from a crowded beach such as Myrtle with that light setup is a recipe for disaster and frustration. If you want to target sizable sharks (5 ft and up) you will need the appropriate tackle (High capacity reel, 40lb mono at least, 150lb cable leaders, 16/0 hooks, etc) and some experience with fighting/handling large game fish. A 150lb black tip is on a whole other planet when compared to hooking 2lb bluefish and will spool your reel in an instant assuming that he doesn't cut you off in a number of ways.

If you want a fight, spool your rod with a light test, get some gotcha plugs and hit the pier at dawn or dusk and hook into the bluefish and/or Spanish mackerel. As for smaller sharks I would only target them on the beach; frankly they are a waste of time on the pier, hoisting up a 15-20lb spinner shark is a good way to destroy a net and cutting them off leaves the shark with a bottom rig and 20/30 feet of line. For small sharks a 2 to 4 foot cable bottom rig with a 3-5 oz triangle weight and a 8/0 circle hook will do the trick. For bait just rig up whatever you can catch off the beach and run it live or cut, casting distance isn't that important as long as your bait is not rolling around in the wash or on top of a sandbar. Bolt cutters are also a good idea if your not to comfortable handling the shark (Smaller sharks are a lot harder to handle compared to the big boys). Also read up on SC laws and abide by the regulations, some juvenile sharks are almost impossible to tell apart and if your not 100% sure of the species please release the shark (you should release them all anyway but this post is clearly not the place for that discussion).

Have fun!
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