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Holden/Caswell Beach Fly Fishing from shore?

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I have just moved to N.C. and I am beginning to explore areas where I can wade in and fish from shore. Assuming inlet's at Holden beach and Caswell are places to wade.

Will be getting a kayak soon, but till then want to see where I might be able to fly fish from local beach access. Any recommendations are welcomed.

Thank you I advance.

Gerry S.
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Try to find a place that has options. Inlets are great spots. Most of my success on a fly rod happens on an inlet and you are walking distance from a beach or sound. Don't spend so much time in one spot. Using light tackle like a fly rod makes it easier for you to be mobile. I recommend using a 7 through 10 weight fast action rod with a intermediate shooting line like the rio outbound or outbound short. As far as a reel goes I like Lamson reels. A floating line would be handy in the sound in shallow areas and a fast sinking line for fast currents and rough conditions. A stripping basket is highly recommended. Fly selection is simple. If you tie one fly make it the Clouser minnow in white, tutti fruiti, chartreuse and white, and black and purple for night or low light. Hook sizes 2, 4, and 6. You don't need such a large hook most of the time. Most importantly be patient. Inshore Fly Fishing by Lou Tabory is a good read on the subject. He discusses reading the
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A lot of places can offer wading options. As I recall, the east end of Holden had a lot of options for getting away from the swimmers and beach walkers (although now, due to sharks, there may be more walkers and fewer swimmers) and there was a pretty good slough near the inlet between Holden and Oak Is. that could certainly hold fish. Just a matter of getting out and exploring. I have had pretty good success tossing a fly around piers etc for flounder. in a couple of areas that were well populated with a string of piers and docks, and with a solid bottom that was easy wading. Saltwater fish can move a lot.....but if they are there, they'll typically hit a fly. On the sound side...explore at low tide to try and ID shellfish beds etc. and to see what the bottom is like before you go back at high tide.
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Thank you Phlyman for the feed back. I really appreciate it!!
I've never fished down there specifically. What has been offered is all good stuff. I would add that the best time to fish near an inlet is usually on the outgoing tide. Fishing ocean facing beaches can be ....challenging. Don't expect much more than pan sized stuff from NC beaches the majority of the time and scale your flies accordingly. I've had a lot of fun with size 4 and smaller bonefish stuff with some orange in the tail catching little things. An intermediate line can be helpful when fishing a strong rip near an inlet on the outgoing. If there is a lot of bait around what I said before about pan sized can change in a hurry. If spanish macks are busting near you try a size 4 Crease Fly on a floating line, otherwise strip a small streamer as fast as you can with an intermediate And lastly, get a stripping basket. There is a ton more know.
Thanks CaptGordon, happy to report I caught several fish on the outgoing tide. A few of which were what I have been told by the locals as "brown trout". Love their sense of humor. Reminded me of a sea robin. a couple of flounder and one trout. Both under sized but still fun.
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