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Know that I've more or less disappeared off here recently. Work has been absolutely insane since we started putting together the new store At the end of August. I've been moved to Charlotte since July 12th and until yesterday hadn't caught a single fish in that time span. That's right, went over a full month without a catch, I almost exploded!!!

Finally got a day off and the weather forecast looked about as perfect as can be and didn't disappoint. Off to Carolina Beach I go! not enjoying the added hour to the trip between going from Charlotte instead of Raleigh but I needed some salt therapy. Flattest I have seen in a long time possibly ever. Original plan was to bottom bounce and maybe troll a little bit, we tried finding some new spots but to no avail. Ended up 65 miles out and put out the high speed. In the course of about an hour and 15 minutes we picked up 3 wahoo, a 30, 35, and the biggest a 40#er. Man do those things scream drag... Did pull the hooks on a 50+ earlier in the day on a ballyhoo on a pirate plug. After a while we headed back in towards some bottom and proceeded to pound out a limit of silver snapper, some real nice BSB and grunts, as well as a trigger a peanut mahi and some other assorted critters.

Non-Fishing highlights of the day included a flying fish that kept pace with us riding 25 knots for about 400 yards (never seen one go so far in one go or so fast!!) as well as seeing my first ever sailfish (probably in the 75lb range) feeding on bait up on top... Also had a school of tilefish hang out and follow us around for a while when we were bottom fishing

Had an absolute ball and needed this trip for my sanity. Lost a couple big fish included a monster grouper that slammed a 12" grunt (Braid was nicked before the drop, About 10 cranks in line snapped halfway up ;\ ) But had a great time and put some serious meat on ice. Hopefully soon will get a chance at re-learning charlotte bass and blue catfishing.. ;)


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