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Feb. 14, 2005

Outer Banks Inshore

Well the wind finally stopped blowing long enough for us to get in a few days of fishing. It has blown for almost a month straight, with the exception of two days and the weatherman was wrong those days, so we cancelled trips to be on the safe side.

The fish are still here, but they are hard to find within the 3-mile boundary. Just in case you don’t know about that, no Striped Bass can be taken outside of the line or it’s a federal offense. This weekend, my nephew and his buddy fished the Hooters Kitty Hawk Rotary Rockfish World Championship tournament. The weather was not bad Saturday, but no fish. We traveled over120 miles and could not find one fish. Only ten fish made it to the scales out of 100 boats. On Sunday, we decided to stay a little closer to home, so we fished south of the inlet where we saw a few birds working the day before. That choice paid off and finally put some fish in the boat. At one point, we were catching them two at a time. We even pulled a single in and his buddy was following behind, so we tossed a bucktail to him and he gladly at it. This just goes to show that one day you’re in the fish and the next your fishless. We even called a few friends over to get some fish, but the problem was they caught a bigger fish than ours to place ahead of us. We ended up in 13th place out of 100 boats. The Stripers should be around for a few more weeks before they head back north. It won’t be long and the spring fishing season will be here with a different species to catch. Give me a call or send an email for your next fishing adventure.
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