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  • Other search engine (please tell us which one in a reply below)

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  • Link from another site (do you remember which site?)

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  • Other (let us know in a post below. Thanks!)

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I'm adding a poll to find out how you found us! It will help me in determining how to get the word out about, so please participate in the poll and if you don't see the answer that best describes how you found us or if you'd like to make a suggestion or comment please do so by adding a 'Reply'. Thanks! ;)

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Actually, I came across this site by accident. I'm sure I had seen it before in a search but when I came here and decided to look around, I really meant to go to ncsportsman magazine but typed ncangler by mistake and boy am I glad I did. This is by far the best site I've found for North Carolina fishing information and you folks made me feel welcome right from the start. Hopefully I will soon have a clue on the striper fishing and will be able to post some useful information but for now, thanks for answering all my newbie questions.:eek:
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