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Hi all:

My name is Ben, I'm new to the Raleigh area (27606) from Austin, Texas. I grew up in the salt marshes and on the beach in Galveston, TX. I loved Raleigh for all the outdoor stuff, and definitely plan on spending a lot of time on the coast. We did OBX on a vacation 5ish years ago and I was hooked.

I love to fish the surf (we'd kayak shark baits out when I was younger), and I'll definitely be in the market come spring time for a boat to do some exploring in the backwaters of Wilmington and pamlico. Long term goal is something to get offshore in.

I work in tech (, look us up!), I'm always happy to buy beer/bait/gas for anyone looking for a buddy. I'm up for anything, but the salt water calls me at night :)
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