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Matt and I hit HPCL yesterday with mixed results, although we did put 14 fish in the boat, 8 were white perch!
My infamous cousin Rick had been out there early in the week and several bass fell to his 1/2 oz Foxy shad ff shad crank, some over three pounds, so we tied on a few cranks and went after them. Matt got the first fish on a floating worm, a chunky two pounder, but that was the only bite we got on that bait, the lake was down, figured that had something to do with it. I got a two on a c rigged speedcraw, but even that method was slow, no other takers. Matt then tied on a zoom gp lizard, and stuck a nice two pounder, then on the same tree, hung a hawg that took him under and around every limb on it! Gone....
I then caught a 15 inch fish on my first cast with a Norman square bill crank, then two straight white perch. Matt caught another 15 inch bass on a ff shad in that sexy shad pattern, then he got a white perch. The things seemed to be everywhere schooling shad. We wound up with six bass (no real big ones) and eight white perch.
Anyway, it's always fun to get out there with my son. We saw a bald eagle being harassed by crows, and several deer, including a doe with twin fawns.
We need some rain though, to bring the lake up, Oak Hollow is not releasing flow to us now, we had to climb down into the boat, too far to step in for sure.
Also spoke to Brad, the program director yesterday, and he says the bureaucrats down town don't want the kids fishing off of the dam during the Teach A Kid To Fish clinics. They say it's not safe, someone could fall in.
Over a five foot fence????!!!
Anyway, the P&R director is on our side, and we should be able to continue. Hope so, because there really is no room anywhere else. The fishing area near the marina has too many trees for the inexperienced little folks to contend with, especially with 100 kids or more.
I will post more info on that later. Also, the clinic may be later next time, like May or June.

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not a bad day, at least you caught some.

Typical bureaucrats, although no problems have ever occurred with fishing from the dam, suddenly it's a problem to do it? pfft. Hopefully they will see the light. Perhaps if they don't want those poor kids to be able to fish at all, they need to come down there and personally explain to the 50 kids that the clinic won't be able to accommodate why they couldn't participate. Let me know if my input would be helpful at all Jerry. It's a good program it would be a shame to curtail the number of kids able to do it just because of some limey in an office somewhere.

Glad you guys got some fish!
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