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Going through my tackle and culling out the things I dont need or want. I wish to sell everything as one lot. I perfer not to ship but will at buyers expense. I am located in Cary and will meet anywhere local, Kerr Lake, Gaston or High Rock Lake to deliver. Some items are brand new, others are in used condition and some of the hard baits may require new hooks. 200 OBO takes it all. Send PM on NCAgler to Neilslure or email [email protected]

Art paint Art Recreation Visual arts Cuisine

Over 50 different crankbaits, Strike King, Bomber, Bandit, Norman, Rapala, RatLTrap, Cordell, Rebel and more.

Amber Automotive lighting Recreation Souvenir Gadget

NIP crankbaits, Jig X jigs, Storm swimbaits, Stanley spinnerbait, Misc worm hooks and jig heads, brass bullet weights, BPS frog.

Wood Electronic component Plastic Circuit component Hardwood

Zoom: Green Pumkin speed worm, Super Speed craw watermelon candy, okeechobee craw
Culprit: 3" water bettle, green pumpkin, black/blue
Yamamoto flapping craw
Trigger X flukes
Rage Tail brush hogs
Numerous other craws, creatures and handpoured stickbaits

Fish hook Surface lure Insect Wood Fishing lure

Strike King spinnerbaits, Cavitron Buzzbait, Zara spooks, Excaliber pop N image, chug bug, Rapala popper, yozuri jerkbait, Rapala jerkbait.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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