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Put the Seapro in the water this afternoon to burn a little fuel. Haven't had her in the water in a while since I had been doing so much inshore flats fishing.

Busted out the inlet about 14:00 and headed South to see if I could jig up a grey trout or two. About 3 miles south of Masonboro Inlet, I came across hundreds of birds, diving and working one area. Eased up and was marking tons of bait. Thinking there might be some bluefish around, I started tying on a jig to cast. Next thing I know, a humpback whale surfaces just 30 yards or so from the boat. At that time I didn't know what kind of whale it was, so I looked it up when I got home. Needless to say, it was both exciting and nerve racking, all at the same time. Called the CG to alert them so that they could issue a marine safety broadcast and eased out of there.

Ended up at the WB jetty to fish to falling tide. Manage to catch a limit of small specks on a white gulp with a red jighead. Out fished a boat next to me that was fishing with "live shrimp". Got to love those gulps!!

Great day on the water.

Tight lines and Happy Holidays!!
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