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[FONT=Tahoma, Calibri, Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif]On saturday my epoxy mount for the transducer on my kayak popped off so sunday before i went back to falls again i wanted to fix it so i could use it at the lake. went to many stores trying to find a special kind of foam to use to make a wet well out of. tried every home improvement store and craft store in the area. on the way home after more or less giving up we went by a home depot. i said lets go check and my dad said that if lowes didnt have it HD wasnt going to.

anyways i went in while he sat in the car and i asked one woman who said she wasnt sure but to ask this certain guy named mike she pointed me to. he too said he didnt have anything exactly like what i was looking for but they had some pink foamlike sheets that might work. we got to where they were and they were perfect but all were thin sheets and be said they must have run out of the thicker ones. i said it was okay and thanks anyways but he said hold up and pointed at one of the pink foam board/blocks under a big stack of more foam sheets used to support them on the shelf. he went and grabbed a board and tried to pry it up and get it out but couldnt but said to hold on one moment and he actually went around the end of the isle and grabbed his buddy and told him to go get the fork lift. they actually brought it in and picked up the whole stack to get that one foam block at the bottom used as padding. i couldnt believe it as it was perfect and i asked him how much i owed them and he said no problem no need to pay.

i couldnt believe it, was just a really nice thing for him to do for free.
went way out of his way to help out! thanks mike :)[/FONT]
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