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Yesterday I took my jet ski across the Chesapeake Bay and fished for Red Drum a couple of hours. I caught two skates using live hard crab but no drum runs. I did see a lot coming and going across the Bay in pristine flat conditions and warm 85 degree temps. I even saw a big Humpback whale, unusual for this time of year in Virginia.
I did get back and go see my 2nd Grandson, Oliver, for the first time. He was born early in the morning and weighed 10 pounds 10 ounces, a definite keeper!

Here is my Wife, Oliver and his Mom. Of course some other pics from on the water as well.


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Brian.....first of all, Congrats on your best keeper of the day, and Oliver at 10-10 is certainly a Citation Keeper!!!

I always enjoy your posts and the pix you include....there are people who take pictures, and then there are Photographers like you!!
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