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Hey everyone, Im Alex, I finally made my way back to NC! I lived down in Jacksonville -09-13 and was on this site a bit, now I am back , living in Apex and ready to hit the waters. Im fairly inexperienced in fishing, I kinda get what I am doing but its usually without much luck. I tell everyone I do a lot of fishing, but not much catching.

I am mostly going to be fishing freshwater, whatever is around, I enjoy getting out and doing some bank fishing, I also have a kayak that I may look into outfitting and trying out some fishing in. I am looking for some tips of the trade on how to get that done properly.

If anyone is in the area and is heading out fishing and needs a partner I am usually available to go! I would enjoy tagging along and learning a few things from those that actually catch a little.

Today I made my way out to White Oak Creek, it wasnt a bad day, got down to the bank around 5pm stayed until dark. I went out with only light tackle but I managed to get a decent sized bass on shore, It popped the line just as I drug it in. I did catch a couple of crappie while there too, fishing near the bridge. All in all, for my first outing being back I was happy!

Its nice to be back here on NCAngler, it was a lot of help before, and I am sure that it will be again.

Tight Lines to all!

A Snow
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